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Friday 2022/06/24

Discovery Plus is one of the most popular and efficient streaming services for providing you with completely enhanced documentary content. One of the most powerful and effective streaming services in the US, it has been rated to be a great service by almost every count for your share of documentaries in different genres. But, have you ever given a thought to find if you can download Discovery Plus content for offline viewing? Well, BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader should be your best bet for the task to download Discovery Plus shows free.

What is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is a US-based streaming service. Coming from Discovery network, it should be your best bet for the high-end realistic videos ever. The on-demand streaming service packs in a huge range of content spread over multiple genres such as food, crime investigations, travels, marvels of nature, and everything in between.

If you are a fan of documentaries and want to get access to one of the excellent connectivity services, you would find it offering you an outstanding experience in every kind of service quality for your needs. Of course, it is a premium streaming service, and you need to have taken an active subscription plan for the purpose.

A few FAQs with respect to Discovery Plus Streaming service

Is Discovery Plus free?

No. Discovery Plus is not available for free. It does offer you a seven-day free trial, and if you are a Verizon customer, you can get a full year of Discovery Plus for free. Do note that the offer may be time-bound, and not every subscriber may get the offer. You can further learn how to download Discovery Plus shows free in this article.

How much is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus streaming service is available at $5 per month if you do not mind getting a few ads when streaming your content. You can also opt for ad-free options at $7 per month if you want to get rid of ads.

What channels are on Discovery Plus?

Discovery Network does provide you access to the content from over 14 different networks. You can get access to a host of content spread across different networks such as Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network, HGTV, ID, A&E, History, Lifetime, OWN, Travel, Science Network, The Dodo, and more. You can have access to over 55000 episodes.

How do I get Discovery Plus on TV?

The Discovery Plus streaming service can be accessed on a TV if you have a supported platform on your smart TV. You will get access to one of the best experiences on Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV.

Is Discovery Plus on Roku?

The official Discovery Plus app is available on Roku. You can simply search for it on your Roku app store and install it when setting up your Roku device. You can download the app for free but will need an active subscription to Discovery Plus.

Is Discovery Plus worth it?

The choice of the Discovery Plus subscription will largely be dependent on your perception as a viewer. If you love documentaries, you will find it one of the most rewarding experiences ever to subscribe to the Discovery Plus streaming service. If you are a fan of reality TV, cooking shows, nature docs, and other nonfiction programs, it can be your best choice for almost all your specific needs.

Can I download Discovery Plus shows to watch offline?

The option to download the titles on the streaming service is not available as of now, and this is in sharp contrast to a host of streaming services that offer you offline download options. The downloading functionality would definitely have been one of the unique factors ever for an enhanced degree of experience.

However, Discovery Plus has gone on record stating that they are working on something on those lines and will soon make the download capability available on Android and iOS.

In the absence of download compatibility on the streaming service, you can make use of third-party downloaders that can prove to be an excellent option for downloading your favorite content. BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader should be one of the wonderful choices for a third-party Discovery Plus downloader to help you download Discovery Plus shows free.

Top 6 Features of BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader

As we have already stated, Discovery Plus has been one of the most excellent streaming services ever and should provide you access to a truly enhanced service quality.

Some of the prime features that would make BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader a great option can be summarised as

Download Discovery+ Videos from All Available Regional Sites

BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader provides you access to a great degree of experience with support for practically all the regional sites of Discovery Plus. You would be able to download the content from different services such as U.S., DE, FR, JP, and others. You will be able to get one of the best country-specific services.

Download Real-life Videos in 1080p Full HD Quality

You can download more than 55000 episodes of real-life quality videos. That should fulfill practically all the needs that you may have in enjoying the best documentaries ever.

Save Downloaded Videos to MP4 Files to Play on Any Device

The MP4 format used on the titles that you have downloaded makes it one of the promising options for uniform compatibility across devices. You can save your movies in one of the best quality ever.

Get Rid of Ads with Basic Discovery+ Plan

If you are on a basic plan on Discovery Plus and are inundated with ads, the downloader should be your best bet for enjoying your videos without ads of any nature. The downloader strips all the ads before downloading the video

Download Real-life Episodes in Batch Mode and Fast Speed

The batch mode offered on the BBFly Discovery Plus downloader should be a great option for downloading multiple titles in one go. You can even find the feature a great option to help you download all the episodes of a series. The fastest download speed should be yet another prime factor that assists you in downloading an entire movie in just under 20 minutes flat.

Download Metadata Info to Manage All Your Videos

Additional metadata such as title, caption, and thumbnails can be useful in organizing your downloads in a more organized manner.

Those top features apart, you would find the downloader service offering you the great degree of service quality ever.

How to download Discovery Plus Shows Free with BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader?

Downloading your favorite content from Discovery Plus can prove to be one of the most excellent services ever. The steps used in downloading your video on BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader can be quite simple and easy to follow –

Step 1 – Download and install BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader

Download BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader from the official website. Install the app and go to the Discovery Plus tab if you are not already on it.


Step 2 – Sign in to Discovery Plus and pick the video that you want to download

Assuming you have a Discovery Plus subscription, simply sign in to the service from within the BBFly. Choose the video that you want to download.

Discovery Plus

Step 3 – Download the video

The next step would be to download your favorite video. Click on the options to download the video and choose the audio language, subtitle language, and other parameters. Click on Download Now and your video will begin downloading.

Download the video

Why Choose BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader?

That should provide you access to practically everything related to BBFly Discovery Plus Downloader, and it should be your best option for downloading Discovery Plus content. Designed to run smoothly on your Windows and Mac devices, it has been designed to offer you an outstanding service quality in downloading all your favorite titles.


The intuitive and easy-to-use interface should be yet another powerful factor that would make it a very formidable service. In fact, the steps used in how to use the downloader are extremely easy, and the tool does not need any special tutorial to learn how to use it to download Discovery Plus shows free.

Now that you have found the best ways to download Discovery Plus videos, how about checking out the other options such as Hulu downloader and Disney Plus Downloader.

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