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3 steps to cancel your subscription to Rakuten TV! What's the backdoor way to watch videos even if you cancel?

Monday 2022/11/21

Do you have trouble canceling Rakuten TV? Here is a 3-step guide on how to cancel or cancel your subscription even during the free period.

If you are thinking, "I'm thinking of cancelling Rakuten TV..." If you are thinking "I'm thinking of cancelling Rakuten TV," you should know how to cancel your subscription.

Are you having trouble cancelling your subscription to Rakuten TV?

You want to cancel your subscription, but you don't know what you need to do or what you need to confirm before you cancel.

You are putting off cancelling your subscription because you think you don't know what to do or what to confirm before cancelling....

There must be many people who are confused about how to cancel their subscription.

In this article, we would like to explain in detail what you should pay attention to when cancelling your subscription to Rakuten TV and how to cancel your subscription, with images. In addition, we will also introduce a trick to download your favorite videos in a batch before you cancel your Rakuten TV membership, so that you can watch them even after you cancel your membership. Don't miss it!

Notes to check before canceling or withdrawing from Rakuten TV

First of all, here are some precautions you should check before cancelling your subscription to Rakuten TV.

We will introduce three precautions.

  • Free trial users will have their unlimited viewing privileges cancelled as soon as they cancel.
  • In principle, the free trial can only be used once per person.
  • In the case of docomo cell phone payment, cancellation may not be possible.

Cancellation" as described in this article refers to the cancellation of Rakuten TV's subscription-based unlimited viewing package plan.

For those who are currently using rented/purchased content on a pay-as-you-go basis

There is nothing special you need to do to cancel Rakuten TV.

Now, we will explain the above three notes in order.

If you are on a free trial, canceling your subscription will immediately cancel your unlimited viewing.

Basically, Rakuten TV's unlimited viewing plan is available until the day before the next renewal date, even if you cancel the plan.

However, if you are a free trial user, your unlimited viewing will be cancelled immediately upon cancellation.

If you are already a paying member, please do not forget to cancel your subscription!

We recommend that you cancel as soon as you think of it so that you do not forget to cancel!

If you are a free trial user, the best way to save money is to cancel just before your free trial period ends.

However, if you forget to cancel and become a paying user, there is no way out.

Therefore, please cancel at your convenience.

As a general rule, free trials are limited to one per person.

As a general rule, a free trial can be used only once per person.

You may cancel at any time, whether you are currently using the free trial or have already become a paying member.

Once you cancel, you will need to register as a paid user from the beginning the next time you subscribe to the same plan.

If you wish to subscribe to a different subscription plan, you must pay for that subscription plan

If you sign up for another subscription plan, you may take advantage of the free trial if that subscription plan offers a free trial.

This rule only applies to unlimited package plans with the same subscription.

There are times when cancellation is not available with docomo cell phone payment.

This is an important notice to all docomo users.

If you have selected docomo Keitai payment as your Rakuten TV payment method, please note that there are certain time slots when you cannot cancel your subscription.

You cannot cancel between 20:00 and 23:59 on the last day of each month.

If your contract renewal date is near the end or beginning of the month, you will be in trouble if you cannot complete the procedure at the last minute.

Please make preparations in advance so that you do not have to go through the procedure at the last minute.

How to cancel your subscription to Rakuten TV "Smartphones and tablets

Now it's time to learn how to cancel your subscription to Rakuten TV from your smartphone or tablet.

If you wish to cancel during the free trial period, please make sure to cancel within 31 days of registration.

First, go to "Purchase History" on the Rakuten TV web page and click "Cancel".

Tap the "Cancel" button under the title of the all-you-can watch plan you wish to cancel.

Details of the all-you-can watch plan will be displayed, so check to make sure there are no mistakes.

Be especially careful if you are using multiple plans at the same time!

After confirming the details, tap the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the screen to complete the cancellation procedure.

Anyone should be able to cancel without hesitation once the cancellation procedure is completed.

How to Cancel Rakuten TV on PC

Next, we will show you how to cancel Rakuten TV from your PC.

First, click "Purchase History" in the upper right corner of the Rakuten TV web page.

Click "Cancel" under the title of the all-you-can-watch plan you wish to cancel in your purchase history.

A survey will appear on the PC version, but not on the mobile version.

Answer the survey and click "Done. (You do not have to answer the survey!)

Confirm that there are no errors in your purchase history and click "Cancel".

The "Done" screen will appear.

This completes the cancellation procedure for Rakuten TV's All-You-Can-See package.

Canceling on the PC version was very easy!

Behind-the-scenes tips to watch videos even after cancellation

Here is how you can use the free period of Rakuten TV to save even more money.

Simply put, it is a very economical way to use the free period of Rakuten TV to download and watch all the videos you want to watch during the free period of Rakuten TV or before cancelling your subscription.

Videos downloaded from Rakuten TV are set to play offline for up to 2-7 days. If you are no longer able to watch them, you will need to reacquire the license online.

Also, if you stop using Rakuten TV or cancel your unlimited subscription, both downloaded content and purchased movies will become unavailable.

Therefore, we recommend downloading Rakuten TV videos with a dedicated downloader.

We especially recommend BBFly downloader.

Features of BBFly Downloader

  • Download function allows you to easily save live streaming videos from SHOWROOM, MixChannel LIVE, streaming+, etc. for free; and
  • Change the resolution of live streaming videos in the settings;
  • Convert live streaming video to compatible video/audio formats such as MP4, WEBM, FLV, 3GP, M4A, MP3;
  • Built-in ability to record and save videos (live broadcasts can be scheduled and recorded); and
  • Download videos efficiently in a short time.

How to use: 1.

Step 1: Download BBFly Downloader from the official website and launch it.

Step 2: Access Rakuten TV via BBFly Downloader's VIP service.

Step 3: Log in to Rakuten TV.

Step 4: Play and download the video you want to download. Click "Download Now" when downloading a single video. If you want to download multiple videos

Select "Add to queue. When you are done adding all videos, you can press "Start All" under "Downloading".


In fact, Rakuten TV is one of the easiest services to cancel among the many video delivery services. If you don't think too hard and follow the procedure, you can easily cancel your subscription.

Also, before canceling the Rakuten TV account at hand, please use BBFly Downloader to download your favorite videos in bulk.