Top Best Anime on Disney Plus to Watch Now

Sunday 2022/03/20

Where to watch star wars Visions? Does Disney plus have Anime? Questions like this frequently appear in our minds when we think of anime shows and star wars. Star wars visions series is also a part of the anime genre. And it is also available in the same genre on the Disney Plus site. Disney plus twisted wonderland is also a part of Disney plus anime shows.

Disney Plus has various anime movies and series available for the audience online. But what about offline movies and series? Though online Disney plus Anime is available. But, when you are offline or when you have poor internet connectivity issues, how can you watch Anime offline? 

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Before we begin telling you the advantages of BBFly Disney Plus Downloader, let us list down the top five Disney Plus Anime movies. 

Best Anime to watch on Disney Plus:

Here are some of the best Anime and best Animation movies and series that are available on Disney Plus. 

1. Star Wars: Visions

Genre -

Action-adventure, Anthology, Science fiction, Space opera

IMDb rating -


Directed by -

Takanobu Mizuno, Taku Kimura, Hiroyuki Imaishi, Kenji Kamiyama, others

Produced by -

Kanako Shirasaki, James Waugh, Josh Rimes, Justin Leach

Voice artist:

Ronin - Brian Tee

Bandit Leader/ Kouru - Lucy Liu

Village Chief - Jaden Waldman and Others


It's is a collection of short films with a new and different perspective of Star Wars. It is maintained with the themes and the original identity of the Star Wars Saga. Seven Japanese animation studios bring their different but unique perspective to the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Visions is an anthology anime series created for Disney.

2. Twisted wonderland

Genre -


Directed by -

Sumire Kowono, Yana Toboso

Production by -

Manga Production


Soon to be released as an anime, Twisted Wonderland disney plus is a video game where Yu is summoned to another world by a magical mirror ending up in a magical school named Night Raven College. The first season that is going to release soon is Twisted Wonderland: Heartslabyul. In this, there are five different characters as students. Heartslabyul is a dorm of rules which they must abide by and if broken then results in beheading.

3. Ultimate Spiderman

Genre -

Superhero, Action, Comedy/Drama

IMDb rating -


Directed by -

Alex Soto, Roy Burdine, others

Produced by -

Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada, Stan Lee, and Others

Voice artist- 

Drake Bell – Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Swarm, others

Dee Bradley Baker – Dr Curt Connors/Lizard, others

Ogie Banks – Luke Cage/Power Man, and others


The ultimate spider man is a series of 4 seasons based on Spiderman. With many villains as a danger to everybody and turning points, how the spider man fights with the situation and save the world that is what the series is about. This series is based on Marvel comics written by Stan Lee. Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for one year now. He has saved many lives and fought supervillains, but still, he is in the process of learning how to be a superhero and become an ideal.

4. Tangled: The Series 

Genre -

Romance, Adventure

IMDb rating -


Directed by -

Nathan Greno, Byron Howard

Produced by -

Roy Conli

Voice artist

Mandy Moore – Rapunzel

Zachary Levi – Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert

Donna Murphy – Mother Gothel and Others


Rapunzel, who is born as a princess who is stolen by Mother Gothel when she was just an infant. She was locked up by her overly protective mother. But her wish to escape and see the real world come true very soon. It was a clear miracle that she had amazing magical blonde hairs. She yearns to get out of her secluded tower. Flynn Rider, who is a stranger, gets aid from Rupenzel and hides in her closet in the tower. And then the real story starts.

5. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Genre -

Military science fiction, action, adventure

IMDb rating -


Directed By -

Dave Filoni

Produced by -

Catherine Winder (seasons 1–3)

Dave Filoni (season 7)

ProducersCary Silver (seasons 1–6)

Caroline Kermel (season 7)

Voice artist

Matt Lanter as Anakin Skywalker,

James Arnold Taylor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, 

Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano, and Others


As multiple star systems try and get involved in the Clone Wars, the Jedi Knights couldn't manage to keep the peace and defeat the droid army of the Separatists. During that, an old threat slowly came into its presence. In the movie, Count Dooku and Jabba the Hutt's uncle Ziro create a plan to turn Jabba against the Galactic Republic by claiming the Jedi for the kidnapping of his son.

There are many animated cartoon movies and series available on Disney Plus like Frozen, The Lion King, Jungle Book and many more. Do you want to know some interesting facts about Anime? 

What is Anime? 

Where does it originate? 

Why should we watch Anime? 

Does Disney Plus have anime?

Questions like this come across our minds when we watch or hear something about Anime. So let us clear the clouds of confusion from your minds. 

Firstly Anime is a type of genre that was originated in Japan. It's a Japanese style of cartoon. The characters in Anime are either drawn by hand or by computers. Anime is purely based on cartoon characters and fictional characters. They are not only for kids but also for teenagers and adults. Also, as it was originated in Japan, the plot and storyline are based on the Japanese way of living and their culture, and that becomes the best part of the Anime genre to know a different kind of lifestyle and culture.

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