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It's all yours! How to save your downloaded videos from Bandai Channel forever!

Friday 2022/08/05

Many people want to watch Bandai Channel anime even where there is no Wi-Fi environment. For those people, this article will show you how to download Bandai Channel. This article will help you find the best download method, as you will learn how to use the external downloader as well as the downloader that comes with the application.

A note on downloading Bandai Channel:.

Usage environment

Bandai Channel is now offering downloading and offline viewing on its all-you-can-watch app for smartphones and tablets.

Download and offline viewing is now available.
・Only Android/iOS smartphones and tablets are available.

 Android version app: 2.1.6 or higher

 iOS version app: 2.1.1 or higher

 Amazon Fire tablet: 1.2.7 or higher

Installation of the Bandai Channel Unlimited Viewing app and registration as an Unlimited Viewing member are required.
Only unlimited viewing is available.

Rental titles are not supported.


There is no limit to the number of episodes that can be saved. Please check the free space on your device.
Offline viewing is possible within 48 hours after downloading.
Even after 48 hours, the expiration date will be renewed once you try to watch the episode online.

Other Operations

The application's settings screen allows you to set downloading only when connected to a wi-fi network, download quality, and other settings.
High" is for HD quality, and "Standard" is for SD quality.
Batch downloading is available for up to 100 episodes at a time.
 If the number of episodes exceeds 100, episodes 101 and after must be downloaded individually.

Downloading Bandai Channel videos on your smartphone or pamphlet

Bandai Channel supports downloading via apps only for the "All-you-can-watch channel" priced at 1,100 yen per month. Note that you will not be charged just for downloading the app, but you cannot download free videos.

How to download Bandai Channel videos

First, go to "Settings" in the app to configure settings related to downloading.

Here you can set the download environment and download quality.

Then, return to the top screen and select the movie you want to download.

The down arrow next to the title is the download button. The downloaded contents are in the "Library" of "My Page.

How to watch and delete downloaded Bandai Channel videos

Click the icon of the animation saved in the "Library" of "My Page" to start playback. If you want to delete the downloaded video, click the trash can symbol next to it.

Downloading Bandai Channel Videos on PC

The ㍶ version of Bandai Channel does not have a download function, so if you want to save videos on your PC, you will need a dedicated downloader.

Download Bandai Channel videos with BBfly

Everything about BBFly

  • Built-in browser detects streaming videos to play.

BBFly downloader has a built-in browser that automatically presents viewers with videos available for download.

  • You can choose the quality of the downloaded videos yourself.

Normal video distribution sites and streaming services usually determine the quality of streaming video based on the viewer's Internet connection speed and device specifications. With this software, however, as long as the original video quality is high enough, users can select 2160p, 1080p, 720p, or 480p download quality according to their own needs, such as smartphones or home theaters.

  • Ads can also be removed from the original video.

Usually, free video streaming sites insert advertisements at the beginning or in the middle of the video viewing. Those who can tolerate advertisements for online viewing, but feel that they are indeed disturbing when they want to enjoy downloaded videos slowly, will appreciate having the ads removed.

  • A large number of videos can be downloaded in batches at high speed.

Users who use multiple video distribution sites tend to subscribe to the services of each site for a short period of time and download content intensively. To meet these needs, it is important to download many videos at once, and BBFly software provides the ability to download videos all at once in batch download mode.

How to use

  1. Download and install the software for free.
  2. On the "Home" screen of BBFly, enter "https://www.b-ch.com/" in the URL bar, and the built-in browser will display the contents of the Bandai Channel site.

(3) Play the content you wish to view, and the M3U8 downloader installation screen will automatically appear. Select the picture quality, sound quality, and subtitle settings, and click the "Download Now" button to begin downloading.

④Check the progress on the download.

⑤Check the completed downloaded video.

You can open the downloaded file in the destination folder to check the video and audio effects.


By downloading Bandai Channel, you can comfortably watch your favorite animations on the go without consuming much traffic. The included downloader and the external downloader are a little different, but with the BBFly downloader, you can download any anime in seconds and download it indefinitely. If you are interested, please try the free trial.