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Anipo tv is closing! Introducing Anipo's replacement site Anime New

Wednesday 2022/07/20


Has anipo tv, where I can watch anime videos for free, closed down? Are there any other sites other than anipo tv where I can play the latest anime videos for free?

We often get this question in Yahoo Chiebukuro. When I miss my favorite anime videos, it would be great if there was a site like anipo where I could play them for free. Unfortunately, at this time, searching for A Anipo on Google is full of unnecessary information and does not yield the correct results. This article answers the question "Has Anipo tv closed?" and introduces an alternative site to Anipo.

What is Anipo? Has Anipo tv closed?

I want to play free videos on Anipo tv, but I cannot search for Anipo tv online. What does that mean? We explain now.

What is Anipo tv?

Anipo is a website where you can play anime videos for free.

Anipo.tv is closed?

This is the official site before Anipotv. After being temporarily closed, Anipotv has now changed its name to Anime New. The latest official site is also https://animenew.be/ The latest official site has also been changed to

Features of Anipo tv (Anime New)

Anipo tv (Anime New) offers unlimited anime videos for free, covering the latest releases as well as older ones! It is not possible to play new anime directly on Anipo, but you can find playable links on this site. Using these links, you can watch new anime such as "Kaguya-sama ga Kesshirasai", "Shinkage no Kyojin season3", "Tensei Toretto wa Slyumu Datta Koto", "Full Metal Panic", "Possessed Story", "Neon Genesis Evangelion", etc. for free.

Other than new anime, there are two categories: Anime Movies and Viewing Ranking. In Viewing Ranking, you can check the playback ranking of new and old anime movies. I was surprised to see "King's Ranking," "One Piece," "World Trigger 3rd Season," and "Scarlet Aria" at quite high rankings. For anime movies, the latest anime movies are listed in chronological order. It is convenient because "Jutsu Kaisen," "Senjutsu no Hathaway," "Arya and the Witch," and "Blade of the Demon: Infinity Train Arc" are all available for playback.

How to use Anipo tv (Anime New)

On Anipo tv (Anime New), if you want to play an anime video for free, just open the anime video page. Press the "NEW" button from the video link to go to the video link page for each episode. Press a button such as "Video 1," and if the play button in the lower left corner turns white, you can watch the video. If the video link has been deleted or does not exist, please go to the original link page of each video site.

If you press "☑", the video will be recorded in your "Bookmarks". Pressing it again will remove it from the record. If you click on a video link, it will automatically be recorded in your "Viewing History". Up to 50 videos are saved, starting with the newest one for each episode.

Download Anipotv with BBFly Downloader

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If you access Anipotv with the BBFly downloader internal browser, you can download erotic anime at high speed with no visit recordings and no ads.

How to use:.

Download and install BBFly Anime Downloader. 2.

2. launch BBFly Anime Downloader and enter "https://animenew.be/" in the search field at the top.

3. Play your favorite video and click [Download Now].

4. Confirm the video you want to download in Downloading on the left side.

The download is usually completed in only about 7 minutes, depending on the Internet conditions. Very fast!