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Get An Amazon Prime Video Pin Easily with the Help of Amazon.com/Pin

Monday 2022/10/17

Amazon Prime is a great entertainment source, but your account maintenance is also important. Setting up an Amazon account pin through Amazon.com/pin is the foremost step. Learn about how to change Amazon Prime Video pin and use it for better control over your account.

Every user should have knowledge of Amazon Prime Video pin reset in case they forget their pin. Knowing how to find Amazon Prime Video pin from your account's settings makes it easy to change it whenever you want.

This article will guide you on how to change Amazon Prime Video pin or set a new one in no time.

What Is Amazon.com/Pin?

Visiting Amazon.com/pin can answer all your queries, including "what is my Amazon Prime Video pin"? To add to your knowledge, PIN stands for “Personal Identification Number”. It is a five-digit code that you need to safeguard your account from unnecessary usage by other people.

It is unimportant if you are the only person using your account or sharing it with others; Amazon.com/pin is a must in every situation. It can prevent you from facing issues like unknown purchases and help maintain parental control.

Talking about pins and codes, it is also very easy to get an HBO Max sign in enter code with your browser's help.


Advantages of getting a pin from Amazon.com/Pin

Looking for answers to what is my Amazon Prime Video Pin and how it works? It can be summarized by highlighting its advantages.

Amazon.com/Pin bypasses parental control for you

Firstly, it serves to restrict certain movies from your kids. It is important in the case where your kids also use the same Amazon Prime account.

Setting up a pin on an account with parental control settings will prevent your children from watching the same content as you. Because every time they select a movie, they must enter a pin. You can bypass it by entering the pin, whereas your kids can't.

There is, however, one issue with the pin set up for parental control. It works only on the device from where you set it up. You need to set up separate pins, especially for Fire devices.

Restrict other people from making purchases

You can restrict other people from buying movies with your credit card. Amazon.com/pin is important as it prevents others from misusing your account. A pin is your account's bodyguard. You can also change Amazon Prime Video pin if you doubt it has been leaked.

How to find Amazon Prime video pin?

You can easily find the pin option on any device. If you are confused about how to find Amazon Prime Video pin on a device, go to Amazon.com/pin to get a hold of the process.

If you are using Amazon Prime from the desktop, you can easily find the pin option by going to "Settings" and then "accounts". From here, you have to go for Parental control options. It is where you will get to the option for a pin.

In the case of the Amazon Prime app, you can find the option of changing the Amazon Prime Video pin from My Stuff > Settings > Parental control.

How to Achieve Amazon Prime Video Pin Reset?

Amazon Prime Video Pin forgot troubles are easy to solve and are the same as setting up a new pin. The steps are simple and require only a few minutes to get safety for your account.

All you need is your Amazon Prime account's password to get a new pin in case of the 'Amazon Prime Video pin forgot my digit code' issue. Amazon.com/pin helps you in both cases.

How to get Amazon Prime video pin reset on desktop?

Amazon.com/pin is all about following a few steps to set a new pin or change the previous one.

  • Open Amazon Prime Video’s website and log into your account by choosing your profile’s icon from the top-right corner.

Amazon Prime video

  • Now choose the option of “Accounts and Settings” from the next menu. Select “Parental Control” from the page that appears after accounts and settings.

Amazon Prime video

  • You will see a box with the heading "Prime Video Pin" on the next page. It is where you can set your pin. Type in a five-digit combination to set it as a pin.
  • If you don't have a pin already, you will see an option of "Save" with the pin box. However, if you are changing your pin, the "Save" option would be replaced by "change". Click on the related one.

Amazon Prime video

  • You will see a list of options below the pin menu. These options help you customize your pin's use for different purposes. From the "Pin on Purchase" section, choose "On" to apply this pin on every purchase of each video.
  • Go to the "Viewing Restrictions" section to apply a pin on certain content. You can also restrict certain devices from the "Apply certain restrictions to" menu.

How to setup or change pin from a mobile app?

Amazon Prime Video offers an app for mobile phone users. You can also set a pin using this app. Or you can resolve the 'Amazon Prime Video pin forgot' trouble by making a new one through the app.

  • Launch the app and select the option of “My Stuff” from the bottom-right corner. Choose the icon of settings shaped as gear from the next page.

my stuff

  • Choose the option of “Parental Control” from the next menu and select “change Prime Video pin” as your next move.

change Prime Video pin

  • The next page will ask for your account’s password. Once entered, it will direct you to a box asking you for a pin. For changing the pin, enter a new one. In case it's your first time, type in a five-digit code and select "Save".

prime video pin

  • You can also set restrictions using the app by selecting "viewing restrictions" under the heading "Parental control".

Setting or changing the pin works on almost every device connected to your Amazon Prime Video account. However, some devices have their own parental control settings. You will need to set separate preferences for them. These devices include Fire TV, Fire phones, and Xbox consoles.

How to Download Amazon Prime Video with BBFly?

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Looking for an answer to "what is my Amazon Prime Video Pin"? Well, it is the ultimate security for your account. Getting a pin means securing your profile from unknown purchases and hiding your content from your kids.

Amazon Prime Video pin forgot issues are common among users, and they can be solved easily through the web or Amazon Prime app. Only a few steps are required to get you a new pin. Just do not forget your account password, and you will easily get a Prime Video pin.