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Best Alien Movies on Netflix

Friday 2022/03/11

There are a lot of alien movies on Netflix now, which is the new thing. People love watching science fiction movies that show human-alien fights and fights across the universe. A list of the best alien movies on Netflix is below.

There are a lot of good alien movies on Netflix. This is a list of 10.

1. Extinction

David Elliot Hoberman, Nathan Kahane, and Todd Darren Lieberman made this movie.

Peter is played by Michael Pea in this movie. This is the cast:
In this movie, Lizzy Caplan plays Alice, Peter's wife Mike Colter plays David, Peter's boss Amelia Crouch plays Hanna, Alice and Peter's daughter and more are also in the movie.
There are two types of science fiction: thriller and thriller.

5 out of 10. IMDb has given this movie a rating of 5.8 out of 10.

During the story, there are alien soldiers who make the sound of bugs and have green bubbles on their bodies. They search for Peter on the streets and in Peter's apartment. When the important part of "Extinction" happens, it turns into a full-on escape and invasion of aliens in large rubber suits who are aiming at humans like "The Purge," or spacecraft explode in the distance, like "Skyline," all over again. Peter, an engineer, has nightmares that happen all the time. In them, his family and friends are brutally attacked by an unknown enemy. When he does this, he has an uneasy relationship with his wife and kids. He goes to a psychiatric clinic to get help, but he meets another person there who says he has the same visions and that the mind can block them. This makes Peter think that his visions could be a sign of an impending attack.

In terms of design and production, "Extinction" isn't as cutting-edge as "Extinction," which has a "Mad Men of the future" style for its clothes before the invasion and the design of its apartment, which is one of the few original choices. The effects aren't very big, but the action is even worse. It relies on the dull visual spectacle of shoot-outs to make Peter, as well as his entire family, seem afraid when they try to get out of their apartment in safety.

2. Alien Worlds

There is a company that made this movie: Wall to Wall Media

Sophie Okonedo is the name of the person who wrote this.
Natalia Batalha and Leigh Vakoch Joel Scott and other people
Science Fiction, Speculative Evolution, and Docufiction are the genres.

In the movie IMDb, the score was: 6.5/10

The rules of life on Earth are passed on to the other stars in this story. The best way to imagine life on other planets is to mix facts with stories. Colossal Giants make us think of a time before the flood, the mysterious megaliths, and the supernatural wonder. Make your way around the world and visit historical sites, burial mounds, graveyards and the mysterious creatures that ruled over humans in the past. Find out about a time in history that hasn't been written down, from the Nephilim to the Annunaki. Find out about a mystical world from the past that is more mysterious than any story you've ever read.

3. Absolutely Anything

Brad Fischer, Mike Medavoy, and David Thwaites made this movie.

In this movie, Simon Pegg plays Neil Clarke in the cast.
Cathy West is played by Kate Beckinsale in this movie.
He played Ray in the movie, which was made by Sanjeev Bhaskar.
Colonel Grant Kotchev played by Rob Riggle and other people
There are two types of science fiction: comedy and science fiction


The galactic council of aliens finds a space probe that has information about the human race on it. It's not clear if they want to get rid of the Earth or make humanity a part of the galactic council. To test their ideas, they'll give one person, chosen at random, that allows them to do "absolutely anything." Ten days would be too short for them to use the power for something bad. Some aliens, who travel across the planets to find out what species are found there, come to Earth to see what they can find. If they meet their standards in a good way, they are accepted as friends. There will be a lot of damage if they don't do their job. They pick a person and give them the power to do whatever they want to find out the truth. They choose Neil Clarke to be a teacher who helps the kids with special needs learn about the world. The headmaster always says bad things about him. Besides Catherine, he likes his friend, too. Then again, he doesn't have the courage. However, now he can be as crazy as he wants, but he has to be careful.

4. Zathura

All of this was made by Scott Kroopf, William Teitler, and Michael De Luca:

Walther is played by Josh Hutcherson, who is also in the cast.
jonah bobo played danny dax shepard as an astronaut in the movie
Kristen Stewart plays Lisa and other people.
Adventure, science fiction, action, comedy, fantasy, and children's film are some of the genres.

IMDb gave it a score of 6.2/10.

Storyline: Danny and Lisa don't get along very well. Their father, who is divorced, is at work. Lisa, who he put in charge, is asleep. When Danny goes to the basement, he finds an old board game called Zathura. Once he starts playing the game, it shows him a picture of a meteor shower. A meteor shower in the room makes Walter and Danny think the game is changing things. In this fable for the whole family, a game that has been forgotten for a long time turns into magic. Twelve-year-old Walter Budwing and his younger brother Danny think they're bored because their dad, who was supposed to spend time with them, has to go to work. The boys are told to stay in the house and not do anything outside. He's a lonesome person who doesn't get along with Danny very well. When Danny finds a game in the basement while playing hunt and seek, Walter decides to play it. He wants to be bored more than anything else when he decides to play. It turns out that the game with a space theme, Zathura, has a lot of interesting things about it.

5. Time Trap

Mark Dennis and Ben Foster are the people who made this movie.

Mark Dennis and Ben Foster made this movie.

Jackie is played by Brianne Howey, and the rest of the cast is:
It was Andrew Wilson's job to be Hopper.
Cassidy Gifford played Cara, Reiley McClendon played Taylor, and other people played the other parts.
People who read this kind of thing like action, science fiction, and adventure

IMDb gave it a score of 6.3/10.

Taylor and Jackie, along with their friends Cara, Veeves, and Furby, go on a trip to a remote part of Texas. An archaeology professor went missing during the search for hippies looking for their Fountain of Youth. They are trying to find and track down the professor. They go looking for him with Cara and her sister Veeves as well as her pet Furby in the days after. During their journey through an underground cave, they come across a door with ropes that lead inside. Furby wants to stay in the cave as a back-up plan for their base camp. They go into the cave and start hearing weird noises, so they keep going. If Furby doesn't answer their radio calls, Jackie tries to climb back out. However, the rope breaks, and she falls into the cave, injuring herself and Taylor as well as the two of them. In a desperate attempt to get help, they call inside the cave and take it. A hippie-themed van is also nearby. Soon, they can find the van of their professor, which is next to the hippie-themed van. To help you get into a hidden cave nearby, there is a rope attached to the car. Taylor, Jackie, Cara, and Veeves also decide to go into the cave. Furby stays behind to be a backup.

6. The Signal

Nimra Rafaqat, Tyler Davidson, and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones made this movie.

This is the cast: Brenton Thwaites plays Nic Eastman, and there are two other actors in the movie.
She played Dr. Wallace Damon in the movie.
She played Haley Peterson in the movie Olivia Cooke as Haley Peterson.
This is how it works: Beau Knapp plays Jonah Breck and other people.
There are two types of science fiction: thriller and thriller.

IMDb gave it a score of 6.1/10.

Story: A horror movie is told in three separate parts with three different perspectives. It's part of every radio, cell phone, and TV. The mysterious transmission that makes people kill is there. Three students from MIT: three students from MIT People who were at the party were Jonah. Nic, and Haley. Jonah, Nic, and Haley go on a road trip to move Haley to California. The move puts a strain on Nic's relationship with Haley. On crutches for his limbs, Nic walks. There is the possibility of muscle dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, or another degenerative condition, though it's not said. It looks like Nic is breaking away from him. Nic says he doesn't want to be a burden to Haley. NOMAD is a hacker who almost got kicked out of MIT for trying to hack into their servers. Nic and Jonah find out that they're being targeted by NOMAD.

7. Beyond Skyline

Made by: Liam O'Donnell, Matthew E. Chausse, Greg and Colin Strause, Greg O'Donnell

Cast: Frank Grillo plays Mark Corley, a detective who is Trent's father and Rose's adoptive father. Bojana Novakovic plays Audrey, a transit worker in Los Angeles, and Jonny Weston plays Trent, Mark's son and Rose's adoptive brother.
Horror, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic Fiction are some of the types of movies.

In the movie IMDb, the score was: 5.3/10

Los Angeles police officer Mark Corley gets to know his son, Trent, after Trent gets in trouble for fighting with other people after an alien invasion starts. All of the people in the town are taken into spaceships with blue light that isn't visible. Mark leads the survivors through the subway tunnels as they try to get out of the city's totality and get to the next town. When Mark Corley, a police detective in Los Angeles, helps his son, Trent, get out of jail, an alien invasion starts. Because of the blue light, the whole city is taken into space by a number of spaceships. To escape, Mark leads a group of humans through subway tunnels even though most of them are taken or killed one at a time and they don't have a chance. Mark, Trent, Audrey, a transit operator, and a homeless man who can't see blue light because he can't see are some of the people who survived. Following the destruction of the city's nuclear reactor, they flee to the marina. However, they are taken to an enormous tanker full of aliens, where they are taken to the alien flagship.

8. Rim of the World

McG, Mary Viola, Susan Solomon-Shapiro, and Matt Smith made this movie.

In the cast are Jack Gore as Alex, Miya Cech as ZhenZhen, Benjamin Flores Jr. as Dariush, Alessio Scalzotti as Gabriel, and more.
This type of story is called "Adventure."

In the movie IMDb, the score was: 5.2/10

The Edge of the World is a new adventure-sci-fi movie made by McG. May 24, 2019 is when the movie was on Netflix. There are four teenagers who don't know each other who go on a dangerous mission to save the earth from aliens. " Alex, Zhen Zhen, Gabriel, Dariush, and Zhen Zhen are all teenagers who have never had a relationship. They have to learn how to walk on ropes and canoe when aliens show up all over the world. In a camp with a lot of people, the kids get a thing that has the answer to stop the aliens from coming. To do without help from adults or technology is clear what they must do. They must unite, overcome their fears, and bring peace to the world.

9. Cloverfield

Jeffrey Jacob Abrams and Bryan Burk made this movie.

Marlena Diamond, a friend of the party and Hud's crush, is played by Lizzy Caplan in the movie.
Jessica Lucas plays Lily Ford, Jason's fiancee T.J. Miller plays Hudson "Hud" Platt, and the cameraman who films the events as they happen is called Hudson "Hud" Platt, as is T.J. Miller.
Michael Stahl-David played Beth's boyfriend, Robert "Rob" Hawkins, in the movie.
It's a mix of scary and scary-sounding things, like monsters, action, found footage, thrillers.

In the movie, IMDb gave it a score of 7/10.

Following a monster attack, a group of friends dive through the streets of New York to save people. To celebrate Rob's big promotion, his wife, Beth, and friends plan to throw a big party for him when he moves to Japan. They're having a good time until hell explodes in New York City and the Statue of Liberty is decapitated by the wrath of hell, which is loud. The celebrations will have to be put on hold for a while. As time goes on, Manhattan and the city are being destroyed by the reptile. Starting now, a very risky run to save Beth is going to happen.

10. Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Gene Roddenberry made the show.

This movie was starred by William Shatner.
Leonard Nimoy helped DeForest Kelley.
Walter Koenig and other people
Horror, Comedy, Comedy Horror, Science Fiction, Cult Film, Parody Film are some of the types of movies.

IMDb gave it a score of 6.2/10.

At night, an alien spaceship that looks like an outdoor circus is seen in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Mike Tobacco and Debbie Stone, two teenagers, find out who entered the spaceship. These aliens look like clowns, and they kill humans with weapons that look like things from the circus. People are going to die unless Mike Tobacco and Officer Hansen stop these clowns. They are dating in Crescent Cove, where Dave Hanson and Debbie Stone are living in a quiet area. They see a shooting star that has exploded and crashed through the trees. When they think about it, they decide to look for the spot where the shooting star hit. There is a strange circus tent. Soon, they figure out that it's a spaceship, and the aliens look like a bunch of clowns. Many of the people were also killed and put in cocoons, but they were not the only ones. They are chased by killer clowns. However, they can get away. There is a friendly Sheriff Mike Tobacco, Debbie's ex-boyfriend. They make their way to town and meet him.

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If you like sci-fi or thrills, you should watch the movies above. If you have a Netflix account, you're sure to find a lot of alien movies that you'll like. If you want to see the most popular movies on Netflix, you can look them up in a lot of different types of films.