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Cartão -presente da HBO Max - O que é e como funciona?

Wednesday 2022/05/18

HBO Max gift card can be used on your computer, Apple TV or iPhone. These codes can be instantly delivered if paid with a Credit Card. This post is all about HBO now gift card, HBO Max redeem code, HBO Max gift card online, HBO Max gift card redeem, and more.

HBO Max is $14.99 per month or $9.99 per month with ads. Subscribe to HBO Max, and you'll get all HBO's original programming and material from DC, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Criterion Collection, Classic Movies, and lots more.

Crunchyroll content is available for anime fans. Other significant announcements include Wonder Woman 1984 being available on the streaming service for precisely 31 days before it hits cinemas.

You may be eligible to receive HBO Max free of charge if you have an HBO Max gift card. HBO Now gift cards and certificates were once available but are no longer available. To get an HBO Max gift card, you will need to visit the HBO website.

Gifting HBO Max gift card:

Gifting your friends an HBO Now Gift Card will get you guys discussing your favorite shows, and HBO NOW is an excellent gift for many occasions. It could be a unique Father's Day gift, a gift for a friend, or a gift to get well for someone in long-term recovery. These are the steps to purchase an HBO NOW subscription. You can also get an HBO Max gift card online.

Steps to Gift an HBO Gift Card Subscription:

It may seem like buying an HBO NOW gift certificate is as easy as visiting the HBO website, and surprisingly, this is not true. We will show you how to get a Game of Thrones gift card so that your friends can catch up.

Passo 1: Check if your friend has HBO Now

Isto's much more fun to surprise someone by giving them a gift. However, before buying HBO NOW for your buddy, make sure they don't have HBO. HboMax gift card payment will not be refunded. Some people log in with a friend account.

Your friend may be able to use their HBO gift card for Max if they have an HBO NOW subscription. If their monthly payment is made to a credit or debit card, they will have to wait until the end to use the HBO Max gift card. They may be able to see the date when their credit card will be charged once again on the account profile.

Turn off auto-renewal to stop your credit card from being automatically charged the next month. When the subscription ends, add the code from the back of your HBO Max gift card. Using the same username or password when paying with a gift card instead of a credit card is possible.

Step 2: Visit a Third-Party Retailer and Purchase a HBO Max gift card:

HBO does not offer gift cards. You will need to purchase an HBO gift card from a third-party retailer. Here is a list of retailers where you can buy HBO NOW gift certificates.

  • The Best Buy
  • CVS
  • Dollar General
  • Home Depot
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Step 3: Decide how much you want to spend on the present:

As of now, HBO Now is $14.99 per month. If you purchase a HboMax gift card from a 3 rd party website, you can order gift cards in increments of five dollars, from $25 to $100. You will need a $90 gift certificate to purchase a 6-month HBO NOW membership as a gift for your friend. All they will need to do is use the HBO Max redeem code to get a free subscription as a gift from you.

Passo 4: Help the Person You Gifted In Redeeming Their HBO Max Gift Card.

Most people will be able to send an HBO NOW gift card directly to a friend. However, it is possible to wait for a text or letter to thank them.

It is especially true if your friend has technical limitations or is tech-shy. Send your friend to HBO NOW and ask them to sign up using their smart TV or computer.

The back of the HBO Max card will have a 10- or 12-digit HBO Max redeem code. Enter the state or region of the giftee, along with their zip code. Your buddy will choose the password, and you will create an account. Your friend or relative will not need to enter a credit card number to use the gift card.

After the gift card credit has expired, the user will not access the site. HBO NOW streaming gift card never expires, so that your friend can start their membership whenever it is convenient for them.

What can I purchase with my HBO Gift Card?

You can use the HBO card to access HBO Now and HBO Max! HBO Now allows you to view all HBO programming online without commercials, even Game of Thrones! HBO Max includes all HBO Now content, plus tons more from Warner Media properties like DC Comics and Cartoon Network.

How To Use Computer for Redeeming Your HBO Gift Card:

  • Visit HBONOW.com/gift from your mobile device or computer.
  • In the order link, enter the 10-digit code you received with your purchase.
  • Enter your state and zip code.
  • Los Angeles, California, is an excellent place to visit.
  • 90210 is the zip code.
  • After that, you will be asked for your first and last name.
  • To complete your registration, choose a username and password and agree to the Terms and Privacy Policies.
  • Click Redeem to complete your HBO gift card redemption.

How Soon will my HBO Max card arrive?

Isto's quick and easy to buy an HBO gift card through WINDELLS Market Place Community. All gift cards can be digitally scanned before being sent by email. On average, 98% of HBO Max card orders arrive within 15 seconds.

We may need to take longer to process your first order if it is your first. Once you have approved the streaming gift card, it will be sent by email as a digital scan.

Redeem your HBO Now Gift card:

After receiving your HBO Now gift certificate, you will need to redeem it. You can access the gift card activation page using the same VPN connection. You may be asked to enter your ZIP code and state name, and this information is also available online. Now you can start watching HBO Now.

This method is more time-consuming than Foxtel and requires technical knowledge. The Foxtel option is easier if you don't want to do the work or have the patience. If you don't need your Foxtel subscription, you can cancel it. There is no limit to how many devices can stream the content from Foxtel at once.

Subscribe to the Service:

HBO Now is not available to customers who sign up for HBO Now. It is because it's only available to US citizens. This problem can be solved quickly, and you can purchase an HBO Now gift certificate in the United States.

The card can be used to pay for HBO Now without the need for a credit card from the United States. Isto's not as simple as it looks to buy an HBO Now gift certificate.

HBO gift cards won't be available in your local shop. You can now purchase HBO's gift cards online at various websites. Hbonow.com/gift prices range from $30 to $90.

You should be aware that some websites might try to sell fake gift cards. If you wish to continue receiving services, you must continue purchasing these gift certificates. Otherwise, your account may be frozen.

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HBO Max is the same price as HBO Now. HBO Now was the original name for HBO's streaming services. HBO Max can be viewed free of charge by customers who have an existing subscription. HBO Max is, in other words, an upgrade to the original HBO. You can also use HBO Max gift cards to give the subscription to others. Check hbonow.com/gift to know the details.